Tinne Debruijne - contemporary ceramist

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Mind, body, soul and simplicity

These words reflect the work of Tinne Debruijne as a contemporary ceramist. From concept to design, clay turns into art, bringing an old tradition to life through sober though extraordinary creations. Tinne’s unique approach to clay results in original and timeless objects which breathe purity and serenity.

Unspoken words

This collection of urns stands for exclusive personalized designs for those who’ve lost their beloved ones
and wish to immortalize those last words and turn them into a precious object, one that lasts forever ...


InAMaro’ finds it’s origin in Esperanto.
The merge between female (Ina) and sea (Maro) symbolizes an ode to all women.
InAMaro’: strong and yet pure. Passionate and yet untamable. Bold and yet confident.
InAMaro’: The outer expression of the inner beauty.
Ceramic artist Tinne Debruijne creates porcelain jewelry that reflects ‘InAMaro’. Unique design with a statement.
InAMaro’: I AM!